Monday, October 3, 2011

Project 2 Proposal

Straight out of their "honeymoon" phase, a couple is having an argument. This one argument spawns more that happen throughout the same night. While the arguments are going on, the story is being narrated by one of them.

It will begin with the guy in the relationship approaching a "friend" outside of Starbucks (location can be changed) to rant about his relationship problems. It will then fade into the arguments as a flashback.

Multiple "arguments" are going to be recorded. They will be layered over each other but not at a volume that can differentiate between the arguments. Only the beginnings of each argument will be heard. The narration will signal a transition from one argument to another.

Afterwards, it will fade back into the present. The guy in the relationship will conclude his rant and then ask his "friend" how he's doing with the audio ending before a response can be given.

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