Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Project 1: Final Version

Step by Step by Shuanged

Project Description and Reflection:
This piece portrays the progression I went through in my life of dancing. The mood is set to begin on a low, sort of depressing note. It then starts to get lighter and lighter throughout the piece. The mellow guitar loop in the background gives the impression of walking through time. The rising piano sounds are a checkpoint through each point in time when a change can be seen. It starts off with me dancing alone and frustrated. The next stage shows me dancing with others in a more formal dance session. It shows we’re more focused on executing and practice. A small chuckle at the end of that sequence shows a lighter side to this piece. By the third and final stage, it can be seen that dancing has become much more enjoyable with the laughter that ensues. The mellow guitar chords in the background can no longer be heard at the end to show that time has come to a stop at the present.
The idea for this project came almost instantly. Dancing is such a rich medium for this project and it is something I truly enjoy doing. I was fixated on a song that I thought would help make my project better. By the final version of my piece, the song is nowhere to be seen in my project. However, its presence can be seen if one looks at my earlier works on the project. It helped shape what my project became by the end. I think the final version is much stronger in comparison notably in the transitions and ending. Manipulating beats to match the foot stomps and slides in my piece helped provide a strong platform to work from. The manipulation of beats is only prominently seen at the end to emphasize what can be done through dancing together with other people.

And self recorded audio

The transition between the voice saying "tick tick" to the actual beats of the song is something I want to emulate.
The beats made with the basketball is worthy of note here.
A look at a previous work of the project.

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