Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Project 2: Final

The Rockbottoms of Relationships by Shuanged

Project Description and Reflection:

The piece starts off where every relationship shouldn’t. It’s first downfall. The characters depicted in this piece are a couple that has just gone through what many would call the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship. After all the glitz and glamor of the initial perks of a relationship vanishes, we are left with ugly arguments and disagreements. The male character in this piece goes to a friend to pour out his frustration over the first bumps of his relationship. The friend, the listener, is then brought into the middle of the battlefield (which is the arguments by the couple) through the male friend’s narration. The project centers on the arguments that are being retold by the friend. As more arguments stem out from the original, the more layered the arguments become. They all become muddled together into one confusing and irritating aspect for the male friend who, keep in mind, is retelling the story.

The project was a bit of challenge to just set up. It was my first time working with others to be voice actors. Scheduling a time when both were free to partake in my project was rather difficult. Once that was taken care of, I had a minor mishap with my recording device. It just wouldn’t record the first time around. Thus, the argument section was recorded with my laptop. It turned out pretty crisp except the door slamming early on in the arguments. I didn’t have as much difficulty recording the second time around for the narrations. However, once I put the files onto my laptop, I realized that there was a lot of white noise in the background of each take. The challenge there was to take out as much white noise as possible without interfering with the voices from the recordings. Then it was a matter of blending it in with the rest of the piece without those harsh transitions. Overall, the project was a joy to do and I feel pretty confident about my final version of the piece.


My own recordings

Supplementary Materials:

The Rockbottom of Relationships Draft by Shuanged

The version I had in class on October 18. The EQ on the narrations were a bit off and transitions were a bit harder.

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