Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Project 3: Coca-Cola

Project 3: Coca-Cola by Shuanged

Project Description and Reflection:

This piece focused more on the social aspects of a Coca-Cola. Many times, especially as we are growing up, soda is the social drink that binds most you

th together. It's often seen that it will later be replaced by alcohol as the drink of choice in social settings, but Coca-Cola has a carefree feel to it that is often accompanied by youth. So I wanted to have a little playfulness to the piece.

The piece opens up outside the house of a social event and the door being opened to you. You are immediately invited in and offered a drink, which would be the Coca-Cola. The first part just focuses on the refreshing aspect of Coca-Cola, the thing that you would think of most and is commonly represented in their commercials. The second half of the piece delves a little bit more into the playful nature. The biggest differentiation between soda and any other non-carbonated drinks is, of course, the carbonated water. Carbonated water has properties that can allow anyone to burp. I tried to use the burping

to ease the character in at the end. The sounds throughout the piece show no indication of the audience being in with the crowd. After the belch, a few people from the "crowd" finally take notice and give off some laughter. It ends with a can being crushed and just tossed aside. Throughout the piece, the audience has to deal with just drinking the soda while not being a part of the crowd. As the can is being tossed at the end, it is in hopes that the character is no longer not a part of the crowd.

The project posed the greatest difficulty in the gathering of the sounds. I didn't want to have the generic sounds everyone would think of, but in the end had to resort to some of those sounds like the opening of cans. I wanted to focus on the "fizz" in the Coke cans, but they were overpowered by the background noise and barely

audible at all with the static from the mic. That caused me to change my concept to the one I have now with the social aspects.

The creation of the body to hold the speakers wasn't as difficult. The only problems were that the box still looked empty. I fixed that with more reinforcements out of foam core.


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