Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Final Project Proposal

I want to revisit narration a bit. However, it won't be a literal narration like project 2. I want to explore the trash talking, taunting, and overall competitive nature that comes when a bunch of guys play video game together.

The piece will start off with the group of guys getting ready to start the game. The beginning will be calmer without much talking. As the game progresses, the yelling and taunting will increase. Only one can be the winner which means one will be screaming in victory at the end.

A group of guys (no more than 4 participating in the game itself. There could be more as onlookers)
Video game

I'm not sure how to start the piece strong enough. To me, just having the piece start off with the group of guys waiting for the game to start isn't as strong as I hope it can be. Another idea is having them knock and come in to play video games. Also, variation?

In-class Suggestions:
Practicing alone
*Intro: Console starting, video game music
*Outro: Video game music
Plot, development
Winner that the audience can root for

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