Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Project 1 Proposal

Idea: Something continuing on the sounds of dancing. It can perhaps be mixed with two other loves of mine: God or basketball. The former is tougher than the latter to incorporate since religion is a difficult subject to mix in.

I want it to have a fun, yet soothing feel to it. In making this piece, I hope to have listeners feel as if they are moving to the beat as they listen.

The general structure I have in mind is for the piece to start off quieter and gets louder as it progresses. Repetition of beats will most likely going to be featured. If possible, I hope to have more than one climax (preferably two). As the first climax passes, another will be built up. This will keep the listeners on the edge since they won't know what to expect next.

This is a sample of a song mixed by Poreotics for a dance set they had (with the audience in it). This can be found on YouTube and it was cut to avoid 8 minutes of non-related sounds. I really want to incorporate something similar in my project. The transition between the "tick tick" to the actual beats of the song is something I want to emulate.

This is a clip from a song from High School Musical (not sure which one). This can also be found on YouTube. SImilar to the audio before, this shows the transition between one sound to another (in this case, the dribbling of basketballs to the beat of the song)

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